Reinstalling my [ URGENT ! ] OperatingSystem, which project files do I have do secure?

Hi. I am forced to reinstall my operating system ( currently windows 7, moving to windows 8 ) and I need to secure my game project files. Which folders do I need to secure in order to recreate project fully later ? I mean I have two folders:

1.MyDocuments/UnrealProjects/P01r20v01v2015a ( that contains project assets )
2.B:/ Games/ P01rawassets ( that contains meshes in fbx, textures, in dds, sounds and so on )

Anything else ?

Thank you ! The project is done by bluprints

4 minimum things you need from project directory

Source/ //if you have C++ code

On new system just open uproject file and editor will generate rest of needed files ;] Optionally you could also keep Saved directory which contains your current editor configuration and logs, if you have C++ before opening project right click uproject file and click “Generate VS project files”, then open *.sln file that will apper and compile the code