Reinstalled VS15 Community and can't package any projects

I recently had (non unreal related) issues with dual Visual Studio installs, having both 15 pro and 15 community. I decided to scrap 15 community, but doing so partially uninstalled UE4 and the launcher. I had to redownload and reinstall the launcher and repair the engine, which got the editor back up in running, but I can no longer package projects for Windows x64.

Since then, I have scrapped VS15 Pro and reinstalled VS15 Community from scratch, but UE4 still can’t package. For reference, I have the common tools for C++ installed, and my windows system environment variable ‘VS140COMNTOOLS’ pointing to the correct directory.

For the purposes of testing, I created a fresh project in 4.14.3. Packaging fails pretty much instantly. Attached is the output log.

Hey bbickle,

Try going to File->New C++ Class and add an empty class to the project (Based on None).

That should resolve the error that you’re seeing:

ERROR: No modules found to build. All requested binaries were already part of the installed engine data.

Have a great day

That seems to have done the trick for the test project and all of my other projects as well. Thanks!