Reimporting/Importing instantly crashing in 4.6.1

Everytime I attempt to import or reimport my 3D level layout model the engine crashes instantly. I have tried 10 or more times and the engine crashes every single time. I am not sure what the problem is here.

Hey Pinchinator13,

How large is the mesh you are attempting to import?

Also, what external application are you using as your 3D modeling program?


Andrew H

The mesh is rather large, it is the first floor of a house with UCX collision on it.

Poly count for it: 60,880. Vert count: 42,115.

We are using 3DS Max.

Upon updating to 4.6.1 this issue started. This exact model was importing in 4.4

Hello Pinchinator13,

I am thinking your problem has to do with the amount of polygons as well as the collision being imported into the Engine. In 4.6.1 we made some changes to the .FBX pipeline which you can have a read through in the documentation provided in the links below.

I would suggest dividing your mesh and making sure the UCX collision does not have improper convex angles.

FBX Static Mesh Pipeline

FBX Best Practices

Hopefully you find the proper solution in these suggestions, but if you are still in need of assistance please let us know.

Thank you,

Andrew Hurley