Reimporting FBX very slow

Hey there, I’m currently re-importing an FBX scene with 126 objects in it, 3 hours later it still hasn’t finished.

I can see that it is re-importing them, as the progress bar pops up every now and again for each static mesh, the file is locally stored on an SSD, so file access times should be next to nothing.

I’ve exported my FBX from 3dsMax 2016 with the following settings enabled:

  • Smoothing groups
  • Triangulate
  • Preserve edge orientation
  • Scene units converted to: Centimeters
  • Up Axis: Y-up
  • Type: Binary
  • Version: FBX 2014/2015

If you need the fbx scene, feel free to ask.

Hi Litruv,

The FBX import process can take a while depending on a number of factors.

  • complexity of the static/skeletal mesh
  • whether it is triangulated or not
  • If the mesh has the import option for Combined enabled, this can take a while for a lot of meshes because the FBX will be loaded, saved one part as a usable editor asset then save the next piece to it.
  • Your systems spec play a part in this as well.

To test this, disable Combine Meshes on the import options window and import. You should see that it imports the mesh more quickly since it doesn’t have to combine and resave the uasset every time it adds another piece.

As an alternative you can use the Full Scene Importer (new to 4.12) to import larger scenes that brings the meshes in as separate actors and can combine them into a single Blueprint actor or place it in the scene. You can do this by going to File > Import into Scene to see how it works.

I hope this helps.


Hey Tim, FBX in question had 488 triangles per mesh (all staticmesh), and 152 of them, all triangulated, so I wouldn’t say they’re complex…

I’ve imported it previously, seeing this is a re-import, that takes all of 10 seconds with combined meshes off (importing).

I’ve used the scene importer before, but doesn’t really float my boat when it comes to importing yet, perhaps I’m using it wrong.

Specs: i7-4930K@3.40
32GB DDR3 @1866Mhz

Thanks for your time mate, Litruv.

If you want to attach the mesh here or send privately via the Forums with a link in a PM I can have a look to see if anything stands out.