Reimporting a multi object model

I am a 3D artist making some assets for the Unreal Store. I like to view my models in Unreal while I’m working on them so I can see how they look in Unreal and tweak their textures and mesh accordingly. I am working on a model that is made out of multiple layers that get separated as different objects in Unreal. When I need to update or reimport the model, all of the separate parts becomes the entire mesh combined into one object. How do I update the model without this happening?

I have tried searching previous questions, but no one has given any straight answers and say that it is a bug that they are working on. Some of those questions are 2-3 years old. How do other artist get around this problem? The only solution i’ve found is to delete the entire object from the project and reimport it. The materials and nodes have to be deleted and reimported too or else they will be a broken link.

If there is no other workaround, then its very bizarre that Unreal has not fixed this yet and the whole community is not up in arms about it. Its a show stopper for any artist that is making an object that is made out of more than one piece.

Also, when importing an fbx file from blender, non of the parent child relationships are preserved.

Anyone know?