Reimport Substance?

Hi Guys,

I have a material I have made in Substance Designer which requires tessellation in UE4. Everytime I make a change to my graph I have to publish my Substance and bring it back into UE4 and then make my whole material again in the Mat Ed.

Is there a way to reimport Substances whenever you make a change in Designer, rather than having to do it the above way?


You can reimport a substance. In UE4 right mouse click on the substance(not the instance or material… the other one :stuck_out_tongue: ) in the folder you placed it and select reimport.

Ahh sweet thanks a lot Martin! Your a gentleman :smiley:

This doesn’t import newly added materials… or does it? At least for me it doesn’t… after adding a material in substance and reimporting the sbsar file in ue4 the new materials don’t get imported… can anyone confirm this behavior? Is it on purpose? Or is this a bug?

//edit: just figured out, it does. However not automatically. You have to right click on the imported sbsar and click Create Graph Instance. There you’ll find the new materials! A bit confusing in my book.