reimport skeletal mesh, crash.

Hey guys, I have my character skeletal mesh, all is good and working. I needed to add a bone in maya so I did. This bone is at the very end of a chain, not in the middle changing the hierarchy at all in that sense. I verified this by removing the joint, exporting the skeletal mesh again, and reimporting just fine.
When I try to reimport the skeletal mesh with one new joint at the end of a chain I get a crash with this error
Assertion failed: (Index >= 0) & (Index < ArrayNum) [File:D:\gitHubRepos\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Public\Containers/Array.h] [Line: 674] Array index out of bounds: 177 from an array of size 177

Does anyone know what is happening? I really need to add this joint

No. But the error is about an array being out of index.

How many bones are in the skeleton? Did adding one exceed the maximum allowed limit?

Engine version? Did you file a bug report already?

One oher thing to check.
is the update skeleton checkbox set on the import settings so that when you re-import things update?

169 bones, I am sure UE4 supports more than that
4.25.3 github source version
yes I submitted with the crash reporter
I only see “Update Skeleton Reference Pose” as an option in the import settings, it was not checked, I checked it and still crashed on reimport.

I also tried to import the new skeletal mesh and use the existing skeleton, same crash.
I can just import the skeletal mesh just fine by itself as a new skeleton.

The default bone limit should be 255. You need to check though.

Something is likely the matter with the file if you can’t get it to import correctly without using an existing skeleton

Well, I have the skeleton without the bone, export it and it works, I then just add the one bone and export it the exact same way and it crashes.
It imports fine by itself

Could be tons of things including the bone being not parented correctly… hard to tell really.