Reimport LODs create duplicate elements

I have used LODs in my static mesh.When I am re-importing any LOD,it is creating duplicate elements.The only workaround is to import the base mesh from scratch with a new name, setup LODs from scratch and delete the bad mesh and make it point to the new one.I have also tried 3ds max and blender to make LODs with import fbx file.

Hi ,

This was originally reported with UE-1394 and has recently been fixed. This fix will be in 4.13 once that officially releases in the near future.

Thank you!


Still seeing this in 4.13.1.
Details (in case different - not a reimport but an initial import): Import FBX from 3DS Max. Item is a modeled (not cloth) item of clothing with 3 LODs, each with a single UV channel/texture, skeleton same a character already loaded (no LODs at present). LOD0 has one material element, but LOD 1 and 2 both have 2. Isolate on second shows no visible mesh. Placing a texture in 1st element of LOD1/2 sometimes also populated second element, sometimes doesn’t. If click delete under second element, also clears first element. Did the fix above cause a knock on issue here?