Reimport instances

So I have big house with multiple culumns arcs etc they are all instanced LODs. I import it from 3ds max to UE4 with import scene because instances and as “create one actor with components” because multiple instances. But there was problem I had one arc bad lod because axis are shifted and when LOD change from 0 to 1 it shifts its place in space, I have two options:

  1. Made new LOD of arc in 3ds max align axes reset xform etc and I am doing that in the moment
  2. Reimport just that ARC but without datasmith, I hate plugins, and I am not sure how to do that, reimport one file arc that will be again instanced in UE4, tried with reimport but it doesnt work because original arc was part of one file and now i am importing fixed one in that one… real mess
    any sugestions for future work?

:frowning: nobody :frowning: