Reimport creates extra materials.


Problem is as follows:

I have made a static mesh woth two materials, and 2 LOD versions of it, also with two materials.
However if i reimport some of the meshes, then in the mesh editor it correctly shows 2 materials for each LOD, and 6 in total. (Has element 0 and 1 in each LOD)
However in the blueprint editor where i use the mesh, is adds two materials each time i make a reimport. (Adds eg. Element 8 and 9 if i reimport)

(It’s a jersey that changes to random colour for each instance)

How can i clean up the blueprint and delete the no longer existing materials, or update the blueprint to reflect the 6 existing?
And is there a way not to add new materials when importing.
Dunno if it’s some kind of bug, or just me just f’king up. Just think it is weird it can be associated with.

Ty for your help :slight_smile:

Is still an active problem :slight_smile:

assign the materials manually to each slot and test them.