Reimport causing lag and stutter!

I am reimporting a 1280 by 720 image to a texture asset once a second and it is causing my level to stutter severely.

Does anyone know a way to stop this stutter?

It might help others to narrow down what the cause is if you provide the engine version you’re using.

Also to clarify, are you referring to a stutter during the reimport when the editor is processing it, or a persistent stutter after the texture has been reimported? The former is common.

Hi, Thanks for the quick reply!

The engine version is 4.14.0 and the stutter is only when the editor is processing the reimport (this is once a second though so causes a regular stutter).

If it is only happening during the reimport process then that is normal. If there is a stutter that persists even after though, then I’m not sure what could cause that issue.

Why exactly are you reimporting an image once a second? Assuming I’m understanding you correctly. I mean, there might be a practical reason to do that, but I feel like that’s not a normal part of the most people’s workflow.

Basically I have a C++ program using OpenCV that once a second saves and updates a version of an image to a file and I am trying to get that image as a texture within my level to mirror the output of my C++ code as it updates. The texture is representing a display in the level and so with the constantly updating image it is supposed to give the effect of a display that updates once a second.
Do you know if there is a better way to do this?

Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with OpenCV, so I don’t know of anything particular on that front. I guess I would need to know exactly what it is that the C++ program is doing that creates the updated textures in the first place. Is it displaying real-world computer vision data or something?

At the very least, I can reply to this to bump it up and increase the chance of someone seeing this and helping you.