Reikon Dungeon - Procedural Dungeon Crawler

Hello fellow devs, Reikon Dungeon is a 3D roguelike dungeon crawler, with real time action, where the player gets to explore infinite dungeons and hunt down deadly monsters.
Each death is permanent, however the player will be able to reincarnate as one of the monsters or the other characters you’ll meet, discovering new combinations of skills and creatures.

We’ll be posting (hopefully) regular updates, but just in case check our social channels:

We create each character in Qubicle, sometimes from scratch sometimes from a pixelart source.

Then we export the .obj into Maya and rig it, the we apply the animations based on the type of character, we have the “anthropomorphic animation set” and such.

Lately we’ve been refining the procedural generation of the dungeons, will post something in the coming days.
Here it is some screens of the game itself.

Looks amazing! Totally love the voxel style, especially on characters/monsters. Effects also feel right.
Looking forward for more.

Thanks a lot! We worked a lot to define the style, stay tuned for updates!

Some new screens and we’re on Kickstarter too!

Nice progress!
The effects suit the graphic style

Thanks a lot!

While we’re at it I’m going to share how we built our dungeon system.

We import the single tile meshes (floor, floor+wall, etc) in Unreal.

And then build the dungeon room using those meshes as tiles, while for some parts we do put the tiles one by one we also have a blueprint that automatically fills designated areas.

Once done we convert them into a mesh of itself inside Unreal itself and then turn it into a blueprint.

Our procedural script then arrange those blueprints/rooms that cointain themselves other blueprints (monster/props/entrance/exit/etc) when it creates a dungeon.

Since w’ere having some bad performance reports from youtubers, we’re adjusting the polygonal amount of the dungeons.
Building everything in voxels and converting them in meshes is quite fast and easy but comes at a cost :stuck_out_tongue:

So that’s the result after some testing:

Frankly it doesn’t look THAT different in game, and the game now could use some dynamic lightning, but we’re thinking of also giving the option to switch between the two styles.

Remade the character screen UI from scratch, the movable windows were a *********** and the drag&drop bug with Unreal4
made them impossible to use, now having them in fullscreen it will be much easier to play with a controller.



Wow, love the artistic look of the UI. Are you making the game in blueprints, C++, or both?

Thankyou so much! Mainly c++ but we are using blueprints as well to add content, we build the system in C++ and add gameplay content with blueprints.

You’re welcome! Be sure to keep up the good work! I can only hope my game turns out as clean as yours looks. How long have you guys been working on it?

aha the team really appreciates! It’s been in development for abour 5 months, completely self-funded with the earnings of our flah game sales.
We originally planned to to hit Early Access and keep developing while getting some income on steam, but we changed our plans and started with the Kickstarter.
I’m sure your game will turn out like you envisioned, good efforts always pays back!

Hi Alcapa Games Reikon Dungeon is looking really good. It has been motivational for me as I’m developing a First Person Procedural Dungeon Crawler, single handedly. Due to my current 3D Art skill (or lack there of), I’m aiming for a voxel art style using PBR materials. Instanced Static Meshes significantly improve performance using lots of cube meshes.

This game looks fantastic and fun to play. I’m really impressed with your menu update, it looks very professional! You mention having performance issues, it seems you could save a ton of draw calls by using instanced static meshes (if you aren’t already). Basically just making a blueprint that contains your set of static mesh building blocks as instanced static meshes and then adding an instance with the correct TRS to build out chunks of your room. In the end, each of your rooms would only be as many draw calls as you have building blocks.

We’re flattered! Thank you so much for your kind words.
Yup, we tried with the Instanced Static Meshes but due to how we build the dungeons we had issues with the navigation/surfaces.
Your creature looks cool! Reminds me of Knack which had a super cool technology/appeal behind!

Thanks a lot, super glad you like the update!
And as I replied to Techlord it’s something we tried but couldn’t work out sadly, by flattening the surfaces we lowered the drawcalls and we’ll be probably able to add some dynamic lighting.
At the moment we’re looking at the possibility to bake the AO, or create proper normals for the surfaces because now the floor looks kinda flat, sadly we’re not experienced on this so it’s early to make any promise :stuck_out_tongue:

We made better animations:

And some UI improvements: