Regular/Senior/Lead Programmer UE4 BP/C++

I’m looking for work in UE4 as a Senior/Lead Developer.

My CV: Tomasz_Merda_VisualCV_Resume.pdf - Google Drive

7 years of professional experience in Unreal Engine 4 and 5
**Main skills:

  • Leading team of programmers (up to 9 till now)
  • Completely fluent in both C++ and BP,
  • Architecture Design,
  • Networking,
  • Multiplayer,
  • Gameplay,
  • Gameplay Ability System,
  • Design and Implementation of UI in UMG + Slate,
  • VR + Videomapping + Kinect = MR,
  • Remote services integration (e.g. REST),
  • Project migration to newer engine versions,
  • Team work management.**

7 years in R&D company as a Programmer and System Designer
working on SmartHome, SmartCity, Websited, Mobile Apps, VR, AR, Videomapping, Microsoft Kinect v1/v2
in C++, Java, C#, Javascript, Android

Previous Work:

Lead Senior Developer for 4 years in Tactical Turn Based RPG Beast, which was released on Steam.

Senior Programmer position in 2 Multiplayer games (confidential for now)

Lead Developer for 4 years in Online Multiplayer Survival FPS All Contact Lost, which was released on Steam.…_Contact_Lost/

Beast - Lead Senior Developer
[BEAST on Steam]

All Contact Lost - Lead Developer…_Contact_Lost/

InteraktywnaMata (InteractiveMat)…e1ae7s6eXFBZY3

UBomber (Programming skills reference)

More in CV:


E-mail: [EMAIL=“tomasz.■■■■■”]tomasz.■■■■■
Discord: zima3x

Additional Information:

  • Online Remote Work
  • Poznań Time Zone UTC +2.

I’ve currently finished freelance work as Senior Programmer on 2 multiplayer projects (confidential for now) and am available for hiring.

are you available


Do you have discord, where we can talk? Mines Ranger#5061.