Regret purchase on Marketplace

I recently purchased a 2d art set from the marketplace. I see no way for me to easily export the files to png or any other qualified editing format. Half of the character sprites are facing left and half are facing right. This is a huge issue that they arent facing the same way and an even bigger issue that I cant export them and edit them. I payed for art that was ready to use and it is not. I was ready to plug animations and go. Now I feel like Ive paid to inherit someone else’s problem before I can return to mine. I feel ripped off and as my first marketplace purchase here, I have lost much faith in the screening process done. Im a UE4 noob and if there is any way to flip the textures or sprites so I dont have to export I would appreciate. I do NOT want to do separate facing checks for each animation. I just want all my sprites to be uniform and easy to put in play. Responses or resolutions appreciated. Will link purchased art if necessary.

edit: where do I seek out a refund? If I should decide I dont want all this extra work. I bought art for a reason.

If you want to export any content from UE4 you just need to right click the texture, go to asset actions and export. Then you can edit it in your image program and reimport.

As for a refund, buyers remorse generally isnt a valid reason for a refund, but thats always up to Epic to decide. I suggest sending their marketplace support an email.

It’s also possible to just flip the 2D art with a transform.

Bulk export sounds like the best option for getting them out to edit. I believe they always export in the same format they were imported from. From what you describe, you don not have justification for a refund.

Ok but there is no export option that holds the transparency settings. Making it so I will have to erase around each frame… There is no export to png. The animations faces different directions is my only issue. However its making it unuseable. Why is the downloads set up this way? Why not give me the raw files when I purchase? I have to depend on someone else setting it up correctly. And then when they dont you tell me I have buyers remorse. The animations dont ace the same way isnt remorse, its unuseable fucking product.

The files come out in the same format they went in, so if its not .png, then the opacity info didn’t come from something specific to .png. Are you sure its not .tga with opacity in the alpha channel?

Some authors do include raw files in extra folders. Have you tried asking the author for them?

Just rotate the transform…

Got in touch with artist. All is well. UE Market vetting flaw in my opinion.

vagueness appreciated. you must be an expert teacher.