Registering process for UE4 XBOX development by ID@Xbox indie program

I’m interesting to Xbox One development but manual process of registration by my opinion looks not fully clear
on both sides - Microsoft and Epic. I guess I need some help with this because I think what I missed some important step.

Few days before 4.1 was released I start registration in MS ID@Xbox indie program as result after few days of waiting I got message from microsoft which
has something like this:

After 4.1 released I start following to epic instruction from by those steps:

  1. I sent email to with my full name, mailing address, and email address associated to ID@Xbox indie program
  2. I sent message to, and ask MS to send an e-mail to with confirmation

Epic quickly sent response to me with message:

(For me it’s looks like Epic has registered my request in system but they will be wait when MS send confirmation message).

But after 4 days I still don’t got any new messages from Microsoft, therefore I start doubt that I not did something important.

Does anyone have much success with this process?

give it some time atleast a week, ID@Xbox likely got clogged with emails with that announcement from epic :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think that counts as being an Xbox One developer until they get back with you and hook you up with a dev kit.

heh, I am in the same boat…
But I’ve been waiting to contact Epic until I get more details from MS as I’m not sure the same automated email means I’ve completed the process for ID@Xbox.

I’ve been a part of the ID program for a while now, they way they told me it’s done is one day when it’s your time you will be sent a email and they will basically discuss with you the game idea etc… and if it’s worthy they will send you a dev kit which then you contact Unreal Engine etc…

Oh, I started registration with thought in the mind that usual Xbox One could be used as dev kit now, but I reread ID FAQ and found that this way of development is not ready yet.
Therefore it seems that, before MS accept developer they will make individual interview and only after it registration finished, and after will started a new challenge about taking the dev kit.

In other words, its still a difficult process to get a dev kit :slight_smile:

Im waiting for microsoft to send me the dev kit codes also.Im new to trying to figure out all out.

A lot of people who regged for the ID Program are still having issues. My team has been in it since they started it and at first we didn’t have content really to show now we do and I emailed them on who to send it too cause I can’t even access the ID forums yet still get the emails and ID member event letters etc etc. My co-owner who has dealt with MS in the past said a few of her old team workers that went to other studios or started their own and regged for the ID program have been having the same if not similar issues. It’s kind of annoying but your not the only one this is happening to.

Just one question concerning this. Does UE4 come with xbox live built in or does xbox live work with the existing UE4 network code?