Register for MODO 901 Live event (5/21/15)!

Modo 901 will be release on 5/21/15, register for the LIVE event to see all the new features and much more:

Modo 901 has support for MikkT tangent space, so its normal map should be compatible with UE4.

Ooh. I want to see what comes from this. Although I would prefer to get the Indie subscription, I’m seriously tempted by the main MODO package.

I wish they were more competitive with LightWave3D and in the same price range. Instead they are now pushing $2K for the commercial license…

As a wannabe game dev. paying that much makes no sense to me and neither does subscription (I hate that model, it’s like milking me every month whether I use it or not).

Sadly, the DCC landscape has been reduced to global domination of Autocrap from a healthy environment we had 10-15 years ago.

Yes, im surpriced there hasnt been more talk about the pricing. I realize modo is still “cheap” considering its rival(s), but thats almost a one fold increase. I really wonder what they’re gonna pull out the hat to justify such a price bump, cause adding meshfusion is not gonna cut it (cost around $250 standalone). I also really dislike the whole “preorder discount” considering people have almost no idea what they’re adding and whether its worth upgrading to.

Im looking forward to the revial tho.

Around summer time Modo usually goes 45-50% off. best wait till then.

Modo 101 cost roughly 800-900 USD, the price of Modo has always gone up over the years. 901 being the biggest release ever, with development team doubling and mesh fusion being included - I think a slight price increase for new seat make sense. Anyway, only 4 days until the event!

You’re right. I didnt notice it was showing £ not $. Always thought modo was around $1k.