Regenerate inherited c++ children references? / Refresh blueprint?

So I have a couple of custom c++ classes with a parent “main” class, spawning the rest as components. My blueprint uses those classes to access their functions and this has worked fine so far.
But recently I had to add some functionality to one of the child classes where I previously just used a native class.
So I replaced the class in c++ with my own class without any issues. But I found that upon using my blueprint, it seems to have broken the reference to the class I replaced. It shows the name of the new class in the tooltip when I mouse over the component in the blueprint viewer, but none of it’s variables are accessible, and as soon as my blueprint tries to do anything with it at run-time, it crashes.

The reference shows as “none” through bulk edit. But I cannot find any way to set it to default the same way a new blueprint would.

If I make a new blueprint from the same parent class, the new blueprint can access the new class and it’s variables just fine. It’s just the existing blueprint not updating and making use of the new class properly.
If I duplicate the component, it has no problem accessing it under the new variable name.

How would I “refresh” my blueprint references without having to recreate the blueprint and all the references to it manually every time I make such changes?