Regarding UT4's open creation...

I think it woukd be awesome if Epic recorded somw contenr creation from their veteran artists. All the way from thw first polygons in maya to set up in UE4. It would be an amazing resource for aspiring artists and ue4 license holders.

Hell, make these comprehensove video tutorials only available during active ue4 subscription and you will probably have even more people wanting to stay current on their subs and you really wouldn’t have to do anything except record while you work.

There’s lots of tutorials out there for content creation, but the assets in UE4 are available so that you can look at them and learn about how they are constructed.

Depending on the programs and recorders used, there might be performance issues. Then you have to worry about HDD space due to uncompressed video, which adds up relatively quickly. It’s doable, but I doubt they would do it and to be honest there is no point. There are many tutorials that detail the basics of level design. Modeling isn’t exactly something they need to teach either, especially given how many people use different packages (Max, Maya, Blender, Modo, etc.) Basically, what you want to know is already available on their YouTube channel. Personally I’d rather see them expand that with additional content instead of repeating coverage on a subject they’ve already touched upon.