Regarding this Forum and the Linux version of UE4 Editor


Now that UE4 for Linux is making relatively stable progress and actually works with a little tweaking, wouldn’t it be nice with a Linux subsection on the forum?
That’s easier than tracking changes in Git repos for many.

I’m comfortable with Git, but I would like a section on the forum for announcement of changes that matters most and also a heads-up regarding Epic’s own work on porting to the Linux platform.

Now most work is done by volunteers, and I personally think that Epic should step in and up with more resources.

Yes! +1 for a Linux section on the forum!

Thanks for the suggestion. You might notice that we don’t have any desktop platform dedicated forums (for the editor or deployment), as most topics wouldn’t pertain to a specific operating system, but rather desktop development in general. I can see how Linux colors a little outside of those lines, however, as it’s much more specialized.

We’ll take it into consideration!

Hope you do! It would be nice to see it in the forums! :slight_smile:

They are really slow with changing anything regarding the forums :rolleyes: