Regarding the Merge Tool in Blueprints (Perforce)

Hello Friends,

Git user here, that is new to Perforce and UE4 SVC… I discovered the blueprint merge tool, but it doesn’t seem to work properly or I haven’t figured out, how to use it correctly. I would like to apply conflict resolution on every listed conflict manually, but the only options are “Accept Source” or “Accept Target” (which is equivalent to “replace my File with Remote revision” or “discard remote changes”) which is like not doing a merge at all. Has anyone have experience with it or knows how to use it properly?

I would like to look at every change/conflict individually and then similar to “Git” say apply the change for that from remote, then in the next to keep “local changes”, and so on… But this is not possible. Also, why are there three revisions I can select in the tool? Is it to merge 3 Blueprint versions, or am I missing something?

Is my assumption correct, in its current status it is more like a “diff” with “apply all changes” rather than a real merge tool? Does anyone really use it productively? It seems that development has been abandoned for this feature…
Any insights about that?

Sorry for that many questions, I just want to reignite a discussion about this topic, since the last post I found dates back 5 years ago…

Thanks a lot in advance,

Tho 1y passed. Same problem here…

2023 and I can’t find any documentation on how to use this as a proper merge tool.