Regarding Stereoscopic TV support

Im wondering if Rocket does/could perhaps support this natively? I have tried wrestling with nvidia drivers in the past (on UDK/UE3 games) and came to the conclusion I cant do 3d on my Samsung 3d TV, unless the engine gives the option, as in Trine 2, where the games menu allows players to swap to the different supported methods of 3d like side-by-side.

Im just thinking from a split screen perspective in the past and Im not sure if that is still functional within Rocket but split screen just from a special offset camera should give the appropriate effect required. I had some issues with UE3 games getting this going, I hope Im not just missing something simple.

Not exactly a UE4 answer, but have you tried the Real 3D support ub UDK? I’ve tested it on a couple 3D monitors and it works much better than the Nvidia stuff:

Okay cool I’ll take a look and see what I can come up with in regards to UDK and current UE3 titles Id like to play in stereo. What are your thoughts on native support for stereoscopy within unreal engine 4, do you think it would be useful?

Of course! Specifically support for the Occulus Rift is essential. :smiley:

Well the Occulus Rift is more complex, Im not sure what method of 3D display they are using but theres head tracking as well isnt there? Im just thinking more of your general consumer level and the fact consoles probably wont allow external software/plugins and maybe not the Occulus Rift either.

I can’t commit to a feature that we haven’t implemented yet but the chances of us supporting stereoscopic rendering in one form or another in UE4 are good.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: my question was mainly to put the feelers out and to try and gauge what level of support this feature will have. It sounds like its been discussed which is great news.