Regarding how to store your Inventory

Hi, I am just looking to get better informed regarding blueprints. Specifically speaking in terms of Inventory.

I have followed numerous tutorials and purchased inventory blueprint systems. After all of this it seems there are a few methods of storing your items and info. I just recently followed the EPIC tutorial where it stores the inventory in the Game HUD. When doing some research I came across some questions saying that storing it in the HUD isn’t the best. Others systems seem to use structures with Enums and data tables. Basically I am trying to learn the best most efficient way regardless of complexity. Can anyone enlighten me as to what is the ideal method? Or is this is silly question.

Does it matter?


im not sure what you mean by storing it in hud. I had a separate bp I attached to my char. it handled all the logic. items are destroyed on pick, stored in a struct array, and spawned on drop. its performance wise the best option in my opinion because youre inventory only contains pure information. for displaying them I use UMG widgets and not the HUD.

hi, They are not best approach. It is based on the type of items that you need storage. A space invaders game dont need a fallout inventory system.

Structures with Enums and data tables is the more pro, but involve a lot more of work.

I’m certainly not afraid of work! That helps me a little more knowing that and I have followed a tutorial that did just that. I’ll spend some more time learning about Enums and Structures.

I would disagree with TadeoJones as I really think it boils down to knowing what kind of inventory system you are designing. Using Enums, Structures and Datatables seems like quite a bit of work if you are making a game that won’t have a ton of items. However if you were to make a game like Final Fantasy, then using a datatable seems like a reasonable way to go, but that’s just my opinion

Okay thanks! That makes some sense :slight_smile: