Regarding hovering stabilization

Hello everyone, a complete newbie in UE4 here.

The last few days has been trying to get into UE4 from scratch and decided to take the Blueprint(s) approach for now. The thing I want to make is somewhat a hover board with distributed points from which the force gets added from below and keeps it in somewhat fixed distance from ground or any object it is on.

I have been following this tutorial to get started :

After that tutorial I have made the basic hovering mechanic, converted it to socket location based multi-point hovering, but now I am facing tragic stabilization issues. Have been trying to reuse the same code with delta value calculation for the socket locations and compensating for the force, but couldn’t get it to stop jumping back and forth. Maybe somebody knows some articles which could be relevant to solving this issue? Looks like the force is accumulating, but I don’t want to use too much angular damping for realism purposes. If a video will be needed, I can add it, to see the hover board kind of rodeo around.

Hey there, I made this little hover board project just for you :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope it helps :wink:

Holy moly! That’s a real life saver and let me find what I was missing in my equation! Can I buy you a beer or something? :smiley: