Regarding Datasmith for Revit

I couldn’t install Datasmith (file name: UnrealDatasmithRevitExporter_4_25_3) after shuted Revit down. The massage was “no supported version of Revit has been found.” The environment are Revit 2020, UE 4.25.0 on Windows 10. Could you advice me how can I install Datasmith? Well, I can install Revit 2019, 2020, or 2021.

I have the same issue. HELP

which version of the datasmith exporter are you trying to install and which version of Revit is on your machine?

I’m using Revit 2923 v23.0.10.18 and trying to install exporter 5.1.
Same problem

We have a fix for installer failing to install if only the version of Revit 2023 is installed. It will come with 5.1.1. beginning of February.