Regarding about the UE4 EULA

So, I was planning on developing/creating a FREE game for PC and IOS (sorry android :P). I decided to take with me the cool Unreal Engine 4. When I click “Get Started”, it took me to the page where you have to agree the T&C and stuff. So, being the curious person I am, I read it. After scrolling down, I found the Payment part of the agreement. It says that I have to pay 5% of the royalty thing, I don’t understand much. I’m just a small teenager who just wants to create simple, free, video game for everyone to experience and play, other note… don’t hurt my account… please.

From what I understand about the whole using the game engine is that:

  • I can use this engine for free
  • I can make games and release the game on steam or basically just download it.

But before I downloaded the engine itself, there were 2 licenses. Those are, “Game Developer” and “Enterprise”. I took the “Game Developer” license and agreed to it. Because logically I want to work on a game that’s been bothering my mind so much (without experience of game development), and release it for free, for everyone to play. And what bothered me about agreeing to the EULA is that I have to pay something for royalty stuff. I’m just someone who wants to make games and not getting paid to even let people play it. Simple.

So please, help me understand the EULA, fast, before I get crazy with the engine and got myself into tons of trouble. At this time of this discussion going public, I’ll only download the Epic Games launcher and the game engine. Thank you!

If you’re releasing your game for free (with no ads or in-app purchases) then you don’t owe anything, you can simply release your game.