Refund request for a asset. Havent heard from Epic yet.

I havent heard from Epic yet after I requested a refund for a asset that I was not pleased about. How long does it usually takes before they reply?

Moved thread to the Marketplace forums where the team can more easily find it :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Have you tried reaching out to the creator of the asset to discuss your misgivings? A lot of us are very willing to help out customers if at all possible :slight_smile: Just a suggestion.

No, I havent about this issue. But I had this issue with other assets from the marketplace. I think I take it with Epic from here, so I dont offend anyone.

Hi Frequia, I am sorry for the wait. :frowning: If you could send me a PM with the email address used during your request, I will happily look into your case.

Hi, we got sorted this out :slight_smile: