Refreshing old hardware for UE4

Hello, guys I am refreshing one pretty old computer which I would like to use as secondary UE4 station. I am not sure which CPU is best for unreal, so I come here with polite question :slight_smile: Can somebody sort these CPUs by UE4 requirements, please ? Especially I am not sure if it is better to buy new dual core or use old quad core.

(new) Intel Pentium G3240 vs. (old) Intel Core2 Quad Q8200 vs. (old) Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 vs. (old - little more expensive) Intel Core2 Quad Q9400

Please, don’t say me that it is better to buy a completly new computer because it is still too weak for UE4, I know that :slight_smile:

In my opinion

  1. G3240 (Especially when overclocked)
  2. Q9400
  3. Q8200
  4. Q6600

The G3240 and the Q9400 are really close in most multi-threaded benchmarks, but the single the single/dual core performance of the G3240 is so much better, any task that isn’t multi-threaded will be much better. But again, if you are doing a lot of multi-tasking and lightmap baking, the Q9400 would be a nice choice. I’d probably pick whatever is cheaper or pick the G3240 and you’ll have a PC you can put a i5 or i7 into later.

Thank you :slight_smile:
Yes, that gives sense. As I checked too, I will be able to update to better CPU later. That’s big plus.

You doing it all wrong, do not refresh old computers, Instead refresh your new computer. Ie. upgrade it with all new parts, then transfer current ones to secondary role.
Upgrading old PC is waste of money imo, better to save up little longer, get new parts for new PC, move older parts to secondary.

Not that easy when primary is notebook :smiley: