Refresh ammo in clip of a weapon

Hi Guys, i searching for a way to refresh the ammo in a weapon clip.
I have make a weapon with 2 ammo types, it works, but one ammo it a clip of 1 and the other is a clip of 60. If i chance the ammo type about the graph the clip will not refresh. Is there a way to refresh the ammo in the clip of the weapon with the event graph?

Thanks for help.

I would imagine that may work -

OK thanks for the answer, but i have here the next problem now i use UpdateNetWeaponClip it says: Error This blueprint (self) is not a PrimalInventoryComponent, therefore ’ Target ’ must have a connection.

What must the target for it? ShooterCharacter and shootergamemode is not working.

Here my graph:

the inventory of the character wielding the weapon is what it wants.

So i have make it so and now the dev kit crashes.

I don’t know what must set as the target.

I really don’t know, never used that node but my guess would be that “An Item” would be the ammo

on an item i can’t placed any item, i think i dont ned that. the problem ist the target. But thanks for your help.