Refraction Material will refract the transparent object in front of it

Hey WindyWang,

After some testing I was unable to reproduce your issue here is a screen shot of my test:

Could you try disabling Screen Space Reflections on your water if you have it enabled just to see if that fixes the issue (just a small hunch not sure if it will work).

Also, it would assist greatly if you could provide a screenshot of your material graph for the water especially with the translucency settings shown. I want to make sure that the materials that I’m testing with match what you are using so that I may reproduce your issue.

Thank you


Disable “Separate Translucency”

Hello Windywang,

Thank you for linking that post, I was able to find that issue in our database and confirm that it is still listed as “to-do”. I added additional information confirming that the issue still occurs. You can find the public JIRA here:

The suggested workaround is to use “separate translucency” on the material in front of the refracted material. Otherwise, the only other option is to wait until a fix is issued. You can raise the probability of the issue getting addressed sooner by voting on the Public JIRA. We use the number of votes to show community interest.