Reflex counter setup - delayed fire on mobile

Hi all,
I made a game where an object moves up and after a random time it changes its colour. When this happens, the player has to click to lock it and the game prints the reaction time.
It works just fine on the PC, I get around 0.11, 0.13 or sometimes 0.08 sec (old gamer I am). However, on my tablet I get times like 0.35, 0.29 and so on, WAY slower times.
I do take the frame rate into account, actually set up a rig that adjusts the object’s speed to the frame rate. I can then give the desired time that it takes to go up, and checked the results: I give 1.5 sec, it takes around 1.5213 to go up so safe to say it’s accurate (this was measure on the mobile).

I have two setups to measure the reflex: one is the elementary school way of calculating time from distance and speed.
The other is usual start a timer than stop when clicked. The results are similar, but on the mobile I always get worse results.
I use the on button pressed, so as soon as there is touch contact, it stops the timer.

Any idea why is this happening or how to get around it?
I have a clue that the tablet simply takes up too much time to reach the node that stops time from the way of sense the touch, then the widget fires off the event, then it fires off another event on the level blueprint then decides on the object’s state then stops the timer.