reflections on mobile - block for AAA games!

Hi guys,

I will be really grateful if someone can help us out here: any improvements planned for reflections on mobile? - UE4 AnswerHub

Basically the problem is that you can’t create AAA levels with different light’s (just color) and reflections on mobile because reflection sphere radius isn’t takes into consideration on mobile. You need to disable reflections and use static lighting only and this isn’t looking as AAA game that you can create using UE3.

I can see that everything that Epic show on mobile (Google I/O and Metal) use one style lighting.

If you want to reproduce this;

  • Create indoor room with couple of corridors,
  • Add one light do room,
  • Add one light to corridors (change the color)
  • Add couple of reflection spheres (or just one - as you wish),
  • Use some metallic in your materials,
  • Build the lighting and run ES2 - you will see the problem.

If this isn’t a issue then I will be really grateful how we can create levels using reflections and proper lighting.

I will be really grateful for help here because our team is prototyping new AAA mobile game using UE4 and I really want to use the engine.

I posted on the answerhub question