Reflections dont work properly in UE5

I am newbie in UE but I tried all the things I could find over the forums, youtube… to make my mirror reflections work properly in UE5 but seems to be impossible. Planar reflections, check all the boxes, setups… and still get reflections like ugly low poly versions with bad shadows. I see many people have the same issue and problaby is a thing that will be improved in a official version of UE 5. I hope!
If someone had the same thing and got a miracle solution. Let me know


Did you use Lumen for your reflection? Try to use raytraced to have a more accurate mirror reflection.

Hi! Thanks for the feedback. I used Lumen for reflections, but I tried raytraced in project settings as well, but didnt make any changes

It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish, but I had some trouble getting things to look correctly with translucent materials.

Have you tried adding a Post-Process Volume and enabling “Include Translucent Objects” with ray-tracing enabled?