Reflection Stains Problems When take a ScreenShot

Hello All,

I have allways the same problem, when i take a High Resolution Screen Shot, The first one, no problem, but when i move to next location, the reflexions create a stain on the next Screenshot.
I have a Nvidia Quadro K4200, probably the problem is on the Nvidia?? or i have something wrong?

Picture Number 26 is the first, Number 27 is the next one.

Thanks for your answers!!

The high resolution screen shot tool takes a bunch of individual screen shots and stitches them together. This breaks screen space reflections and post processing. You can either use Nvidia’s DSR to set your monitor resolution to something like 4k or 5k, or use screen percentage in post processing and change that to 200%. Or a combination of both.

Hello ZacD, i’ll try to do that you say and i’ll take some pictures.