Reflection problems, Jagged Edges, Material definition

Hi, I am working on a project and I’m having issues, please see attached screenshots with notes next to them. I need to fix jagged edges. Chrome Material definition, grainy fabric materials and reflection problems.

I made this in 1st person mode than migrated to VR mode, so the pics are all from Vive VR. I changed the Anti_Aliasing to MMA, using Forward Rendering, but it looks alot worse in VR then in 1st person mode.

I have reflection spheres in all rooms, but overall I turned off Screen Space Reflections. My Sky light is set to static, I dont know why I;m getting these jagged edges and why my chrome material looks so flat, I have reflections spheres on them. Should I turn Screen Space Reflections back on? Also what why are all my fabric materials, bed curtains look so grainy?

Also the reflections are off and trims have uv lapping problem I think.