Reflection capture - level streaming

Hello good people , I have multiple levels streaming with each levels having their own reflection capture probes inside the level.While streaming the levels the reflection capture probes tend to mess up.

I have a master level which is empty and just contains the levels which are being streamed , building the reflection capture probes while being in the main level doesn’t help.

I am streaming a dynamic light level (direction light is movable,skylight is stationary) which is being used to bake static lighting in the baked levels . It doesn’t contain any reflection probes.

The reflection work fine with one level ,problem arises at the addition of a secondary baked level.

What is the proper way to work with sphere and box reflection captured probes while level streaming ?

Looking for help ! Thanks .

PS:-When the levels are viewed individually the reflections appear OK , the problem arises while streaming the levels.

Break Down of the levels (All the levels are always loaded)

  • Persistent Level :- No Actors inside this level only the sub-levels
  • Level 1 :- Lighting Level with a stationary sky light and dynamic direction light (No reflection probes)
  • Level 2 :- Static Meshes with light baked through the lighting level (Lighting level is unloaded after baking light) Contains reflection capture probes
  • Level 3 :- Static Meshes with light baked through the lighting level (Lighting level is unloaded after baking light)Contains reflection capture probes

I am building the lighting by going to these levels individually.Following Tim Hobsons Method of building lighting while level streaming,
Step 1 :- Lvl 1 loaded
Step 2 :- Lvl 2 loaded
Step 3 :- Lvl 3 loaded (reflection problem arises)

Steps done to solve the issue
1)Tried building the probes while being in the persistent level
2)Tried individually building probes inside the levels (reflections look fine inside the individual level)

How it looks :- Imgur: The magic of the Internet
How it should look :- Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Reflections are part of the lighting system. To stream in and out baked lighting you need to use “lighting scenarios”. They contain all baked lighting information for all visible levels at the time you bake. So for each configuration you would need one lighting scenario level. There can only be one scenario level active at any time (stream one in stream another one out).

You don’t need to have all lighting actors in those scenario levels. Only the ones that change. You can have lights and reflection captures in other levels, no problem as long as they are the same for both scenarios.

I believe Lighting scenarios won’t work for me because I am working with multiple levels containing unique meshes with unique lights. I am not trying to replicate different lighting scenarios but using multiple levels with different lighting conditions for different assets .


Hmmm… I would think you just described exactly what a lighting scenario is meant to do. What is the goal? - You want to have similar scenes with a few different actors and a bit of different lighting?

In a nutshell: You cannot update reflection probes in run time. So whatever they have stored when they were built will be what you see when you 'play the application.

I’m not sure why you can’t have just 2 levels and have the lighting actors in both of these levels. Then stream them in and out? Drop the lighting level. - Seems like you are over complicating things :slight_smile:

Or make both of your Level 2 and 3 a lighting scenario. Then you can stream them in and out. You can leave the 1st level with the skylight in as well because it wouldn’t contain any lighting information.

the problem was with the number of reflection captures probes in a scene . Any way to use more than 341 reflection capture probes in a scene when you are level streaming ?

You may have to reduce the number of reflection actors. Have a look here:

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