Reflect Projectile Vector?

Been having some trouble achieving this, but I’m trying to reflect/mirror a vector.

However, the “Mirror Vector by Normal” makes the bullet continue, but on the opposite side of the room and in the same direction. But this might be because of the “Set Actor Location”, on the IRC JP| pointed out it might be the “In Vect”, but since the vector to be reflected is doing a lot of things before being mirrored, I have really no idea how to verify this, still learning.

I have a projectile setup to receive wind, gravity and resistance over time, it also penetrates objects based on thickness, but for “ricochets” I get the angle of impact and bool it to a branch for true if incoming angle is <=32 (test value) and then I’m trying reflect that vector. Anyone had any luck achieving this either with math functions or some other method?

Sorry I can’t post pictures until I get home from work. :confused:

Multiply the result of your Mirror Vector by Normal by -1