Refiring of sequences


i have tested something like in the picture. The picture just shows an easy example

Action 1 will be executed correctly, but Action 2 not always. Is it true that with the next tick, this sequence will be skipped and refiring again from the beginning? Shall i use a gate or a doonce node to ensure that this sequence will be executed fully?

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Hey, I am not 100% certain, however I think that the delay will cause the second action to only be executed once every 5 seconds, while action 1 will be executed every tick. What exactly are you trying to achieve? Do you want both actions to run every tick? Then you could just get rid of the delay?

EDIT: Oh sorry, brain fart… You want the second action to run 5 seconds after the first action, but you want to find a way to only execute the whole sequence.

So yeah, a doOnce node should do. Just put it straight after event tick and connect the completed delay with the reset.

EDIT2: You will need to use a sequence node after the completed delay, with action 2 being the first option and resetting the doonce being the second option

You don’t even need the Event tick and DoOnce if you want the sequence to run once and then start again. This is a simple flow concept.

In this example, the sequence runs indefinitely. You could plug a bool in the branch to stop it if you so desired. If you want the event to start at the beginning of the level, you could plug it straight out of your Event begin play sequence or plug a custom event out of your event begin play sequence to trigger this sequence like this.

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This sounds like what i wanna know. Thanks :smiley:
But what about put out the sequence and plug the output exec straight into the reset input exec of doonce? Should do the same?!

Unfortunately this is not what i need to know. Event begin play just starts once after the actor is set. i need a solution that do a sequence from the start to the end with every tick.

The event begin play fires once true, but once it passes through your custom event, that sequence will keep fireing for as long as you keep the bool to true, and it will fire as fast as you tell it too. In the example I gave you, it shoots action 1 delays 5 sec shoots action 2 and restarts immidiately and repeats that sequence infinitely if left as is.

But if that is not what you need, then I missunderstood.

Your solution is very interesting :smiley: I will keep that in mind and think about it a little bit. You’re not missunderstood, your solution is nice.

But just be sure my example does the exact same thing as above, minus the fact that in the above example you have a tick fireing in the wind for 5 seconds.

That’s true. More brain farts :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought about it. Would you recommend your solution and better avoid the tick event? What about performance? Your solution seems to make the tick event useless in this case:D

I think performance wise this would be better, however it will stop indefinitely once the boolean is set to false. Unless you connect the false output of the branch to the reroute node, so that the branch will loop until the boolean is set to true again.

On another note, how does fps affect this solution? How long does it take for a node to be fired anyway?

This thread discuss this topic a bit more in depth

In my example, if you were to switch the bool to false and end the sequence, you could start the sequence again by simply switching the bool back to true in another sequence and calling the custom event again wherever desired.

And yes sgwave, I do not beleive that you need a Tick Event for what you are trying to do.

Could you accept the answer if this has been resolved for tracking purposes, thank you.

Yes, of course. Thanks :smiley: