Reficul VR - Open world Rogue-like Survival horror on Steam!

Hey everyone, Just wanted to let you guys know that Reficul VR launched on steam on the 10th of may for Oculus Rift & Touch and HTC-Vive. If you have VR be sure to check it out!

Reficul VR is a modern-day apocalyptic open world survival horror game with realistic weapon handling, magical relics and one hell of an atmosphere. The game features a unique enemy for a new style of apocalypse survival with rogue-like elements and many innovative and unique features. The game offers a challenge and extra replay value with some diverse and fun bonus games.
Key Features
Open-world and atmospheric
Realistic Weapon Handling (12 Unique Weapons)
Procedural effects such as lightning
Real-time visual inventory
Locomotion and teleport
Powerful magical relics and weapons
Exploration game mode with no enemies
Left and right-hand support for weapons and inventory
No Jump Scares! With Reficul, It’s all about random elements and Atmosphere!
Rogue-like elements and permadeath

Reficul VR – Bonus Game Info

The bonus games in Reficul VR are used by touching the arcade machine controls. There are a variety of bonus games which make more use of weapon handling and extend on gameplay.

The bonus game Ghost-Town will let the player explore the town (Nomed Springs) with no enemies or objectives. This is great to learn your way around town before playing the normal game or just to explore a creepy town in virtual reality with no pressure.

The Mumbling Dead
The bonus game Mumbling dead is basically the normal Reficul game with zombies! The pressure is on with zombies, an open world town, and realistic weapon handling and inventory.

Base Invaders
The bonus game Base Invaders features an alien invasion, you and a few survivors must defend the base at all costs. A challenging wave-based survival map which requires you duck behind cover and perform efficient use of firearms.

They Came from The East
The bonus game They came from the east features giant spiders! A challenging wave-based survival map which requires you to survive 3 rounds of 3 waves of creepy giant spiders at the army base.