Reficul VR - Open world Rogue-like Survival horror on Steam!

Reficul VR is a modern-day apocalyptic open world survival horror game with realistic weapon handling, magical relics and one hell of an atmosphere. The game features a unique enemy for a new style of apocalypse survival with rogue-like elements and many innovative and unique features. The game offers a challenge and extra replay value with some diverse and fun bonus games.
Key Features
Open-world and atmospheric
Realistic Weapon Handling (12 Unique Weapons)
Procedural effects such as lightning
Real-time visual inventory
Locomotion and teleport
Powerful magical relics and weapons
Exploration game mode with no enemies
Left and right-hand support for weapons and inventory
No Jump Scares! With Reficul, It’s all about random elements and Atmosphere!
Rogue-like elements and permadeath