Referrals for unrealengine subscription?


I am wondering if there are any options for referrals?

There are a lot of people I have referred who are about to signup, but are curious if there is a referral code they can use?

I heard someone mention somewhere (not sure where, maybe it was in the IRC or twitch channel) that for each person you referred you got an extra month of UE4 subscription.


Hi im50m313153,

Thank you for the referrals for other users! Unfortunately we do not currently offer any benefits for referrals. However, I am going to bring this up to some of the higher ups to see if something like this is something we are able to do in the future.

Have a great day!

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the quick response.

So does this mean that there is currently a mechanism to track them?

Even if there was no remuneration from referrals to begin with and just being able to track the effectiveness of conversion, would be a good start.

Even just a “How’d you hear about this” text box in the subscription process.
That would be a very quick thing to implement and would give a lot of interesting feedback.