Referencing to inactive widget?


I have a main menu with 25 buttons (level select). Only the button 1 enabled, other 24 not enabled. I want to enable each button, if the previous level done.
Im using a separated BP to show menu widget.

When level selected, im remove from parent the menu widget.
If level done, im try to referencing to widget, and enable button, but not work.

How can i edit not active widget button settings?

Thank you.

If i correct understand, you have problem with keeping variables on different levels.
If this is a problem, I would suggest you to use Game Instance, for keeping levels score. Or use Main level empty and stream levels to it.

Thanks, Meanwhile figured out what was he problem.
Not created widget inside my blueprint, just tryed referencing to other BP with widget.
After created widget in this BP, referencing worked fine.

(Sorry for my english)