Referencing structs?

I have two actor components that I am attaching to NPCs - one generates a random name and creates a data table row for the speaker name, and the other takes the randomly generated name and uses it to assign dialogue options and speaker attributes to the NPC.
The problem, however, is that I’m having trouble with casting the name generator to the get speaker attributes function. I don’t have an object to use as a wildcard(?)

When I try to get the data table row created by the namegen actor component, I am not able to provide an actor reference because I don’t want this affecting a single NPC but every NPC I apply the actor components to.

I have tried creating a public reference to the namegen component but the list for the reference is always empty and i can’t select the namegen, so I always get an accessed none error on runtime.
Here is my setup - casting error and all.
At the most basic level, I am having problems referencing the struct variable from another blueprint.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. It’s probably an easy fix, but as a UE novice I’ve been struggling with this for hours.



If namegen is actor component of your markovian, then you can just drag that component to your BP and plug it to “set table row” and “cast…” node… or its not possible?

Both markovian and namegen are actor components of several NPCs. When I reference either component in the other BP it wants a particular actor reference and even when I reference back to one particular NPC I have issues.

edit: It does occur to me now that I could potentially merge the namegen component with the markovian dialogue component. Thanks!

ok try this:
In both components create variables for what you need.
In actor, where are both components attached: beginplay → delay 1s(only for sure) → get first component, call event where you set variable and plug into that second component… let me know if it works,if not ill send you screen when ill be at home

Could you send me the screen?