Referencing light from an object (a flame detector)


A bit of an odd one - but I am trying to make a flame detector in UE.

Effectively, if the light form a light source (a fire in this case) intersects with a vision cone then some pretty alarms go off. However, I have no idea how to go about using the light from a light source. Is it possible to even reference that (or the level of illumination on the cone surface or… anything?)

Any help would be appreciated.


Instead of Light, make “fire point” blueprint or something like that.

Create blueprint that has fire particle effect, some math that it checks other nearby fire places, can fade off etc, whatever fire likes to do. Then as one of components add light there.

Now in fire alarm do: get all actors of class, and pick class of fire spot. Ther you have references to all fire spots. Now check if any is near fire alarm, then check if its in detection cone. That would be best done with dot product between up vector of alarm and direction vectro from alarm to fire spot. Dot product gives cosinus between 2 vectors.