Referencing a specific instance of an Actor Component

Hi there!

I’m fairly new to UE and I’m wondering what’s the best way to have a reference to a specific instance of a component, when the Actor has several instances of that component class.

Specifics, if that helps :
My level has Rooms in it, which are a C++ Actor subclass (because I have a lot of generic logic related to them) with several Blueprint instances (because each Room has its own layout).
In those Rooms, I have Spots where I can place Items. Each Room can have any number of Spots.
It seemed like a good idea to have the Spots as components, because again a lot of the logic is tied to the Room (which Items are in a Room, how many Spots are free in a Room…).

class USpotComponent : public UStaticMeshComponent { /* ... */ };

class ARoom : public AActor
	virtual void BeginPlay() override;

	TArray<USpotComponent*> Spots;

void ARoom::BeginPlay()
	GetComponents<USpotComponent>(Spots); // Collect all Spots so I can use them in Room logic

My issue is that in my Item Actor, I would like to select the Spot where this Item is placed at the beginning of the game, but I can’t get a direct reference to a Spot component.

class AItem : public AActor
/* ... */
	ARoom* StartingRoom = nullptr;

	USpotComponent* StartingSpot = nullptr;

The StartingRoom property lets me pick any Room in my level, as expected, but I can’t pick a StartingSpot (it shows a drop-down where I can pick the component class but that does nothing…).

Is there any way to do this?
I have considered using Child Actors but I read a lot of negative feedback about using them and I’m not sure I can safely keep a reference on a spawned Child Actor.

Thanks a lot for your insight!