Referencing a Particle Within a Blueprint

Hi there.

I’m pretty new to Blueprints or any form of prior scripting in UDK and have a fairly short deadline and project I’m working on.

I’ve got the bulk of most things I want working however there are some niggles.

I’m trying to attach a particle into the ‘AttachActorToComponent’ node. This is important and needs to be actioned where it is as this is before the ragdol hits the skeletal mesh and restarts the level. The idea is the particle attaches to said socket on my skeletal mesh. Now firstly this does work on my level so I know it’s not an issue there. The reference to the particle literally plugs straight into the target of ‘AttachActorToComponent’ on my specific level blueprint. However in my newly created blueprint (so I may use this in other areas/easily dupe and change it etc) it refuses to plug in and I’m not sure why.

The error I receive is shown in the image which is: ‘Particle System Component Reference is not Compatible with Actor Reference.’

I have a feeling it’s a really simple fix I just don’t know what right now I’ve tried dragging pins off and attempting several workarounds to no avail. Any help is much appreciated.


Solved this myself by changing to an ‘AttachTo’ sockets working fine tried several other sockets as well.

Just need more understanding of actors and components and such I suppose.