references to "blueprint HUD" on the marketplace

So I have noticed there are a good few references to some kind of supposed “blueprint HUD” existing in the marketplace, but far as I can tell it doesn’t really exist.
Am I just missing something or should those references in say the unreal wiki and places removed, I understand that we can’t remove faulty references like that from video tutorials, especially the ones on youtube and what not, but unreal wiki, I think that should be a different story.


You can find Blueprint_Hud in the content examples (learn tab)

thanks, guess i’ll have to register a wiki account and submit a fix for the article, cause it’s totally misinformed,
eg. far as I can tell it’s false to state that its located in the marketplace if clicking on the marketplace tab does not lead you to it.

They updated the launcher a while ago and split off all their free learning content into the learn section rather than the paid for marketplace part.

That is the explanation, sure, but it ain’t no excuse. :wink: