References for Skeletal Retargeting for the Metahuman Sample?

Hey gang!

I just tried to retarget the modular Metahuman character samples that were recently released to the UE4 Skeleton. I tried to follow the retargeting guide at this link: Retargeting Animations onto a MetaHuman | Unreal Engine Documentation, but I could only see one part of the Metahuman skeleton in the preview, couldn’t get the skeleton part to show up, and I got the retargeting T-2000 Horrorshow results.

If anyone sees a Youtube Video or another resource on how to do this pop up, please think of this post and share the link!

If the Metahumans work out, it would totally change how I approach my game, and I’m really really excited to try it out when the Creator drops! I’m just trying to get a jump on animating them with the anims I’d previously purchased on the Marketplace.

Thank you! I’ll try them out! :):):slight_smile:

Good Unreal documents as well since a few youtube videos seem to be slightly wrong.…ans/index.html (Guess forums don’t allow a direct link so do a search)