References for hosting/joining/lobbying in blueprint?

The blueprint networking tutorials from Epic on YouTube are great for “how do I network my actual gameplay.”
However, the surrounding bits aren’t shown there. If I have a menu with “join” and “host” menu items, what nodes do I use to kick the current game instance into “listen server” or “join as client” mode?
How do I get notified of events (players joining, me as a client being joined, lost connection, etc ?)

Also, what is the “right” place to put data that I want to persist between traveling through different maps/levels?

BTW: the documentation for this area lives here:Online Session Nodes | Unreal Engine Documentation

I wonder if there are some additional references anywhere?

The Event OnPostLogin node returns the Player Controller of a player that has just connected.

As for a player losing connection, that would have to be determined from the Player list or something, there is no node for it from my understanding.

The GameInstance class blueprint will allow you to hold data that will survive level transitions. When you create your own GameInstance Blueprint you need to set it to be used by the Engine in the Project Settings/Maps & Modes/Game Instance

How are you supposed to use this event ?? The node has no execution pin attached To it??

It is part of the GameMode Blueprint Class.

Just know that the game mode is not accessible by client players, you will just receive errors if you try to access from client. Also, EniGmaa, I’ve seen moderators complain about signatures much shorter in height than yours, you should probably size it down.

Yeah I didn’t realise it had come out so big an why the rules we’re I got in trouble but it’s sorted now lol

Hey there,

i could give you a lot of information, but right now i have no real time for that.
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