Reference Viewer should show property or properties responsible for reference.


It would be really nice if the reference viewer showed exactly what the link was between two references. In this example, I see that my anim blueprint is referencing this animation, however, I can’t find out where this animation is actually being referenced from. I’ve searched this blueprint high and low and have no idea what is causing this reference.

That would be nice. I’ve tried to use the reference viewer on a few occasions, and every time found it confusing and not very helpful. Maybe I’m missing something, I don’t know. Potentially could be a super useful tool though.

For your problem, have you tried the obj refs console command? That gives more detailed info.

obj refs name=/Path/To/Anim.Anim

Output can be a little overwhelming, but generally you can find the referencing chain you’re looking for in there.

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Aye, that command is my current flow for finding tough but it would be nicer if the viewer can show it within its ui!

The reference viewer works off the asset registry data which doesn’t have any more granular info than at the package level (this is how it’s able to work even for unloaded assets). You can use “obj refs” to get much more detailed info but only for loaded references; I’m a little surprised we don’t have that in the right-click menu on a reference viewer tile though. Would be a nice PR :slight_smile:

Michael Noland

Ayyyeeeeeeeeeeee. D:

I have entered a pull request: