Reference Viewer Keyboard shortcut not working

Seems like keyboard shortcut for opening the Reference Viewer doesn’t work in 4.4.1, but I’m not sure it worked before.

Hi ,

I was able to get the reference viewer to appear for me by selecting and highlighting an asset in the Content Browers and then pressing Alt+Shift+R. Can you check to make sure that the keybinding was not accidentally removed? Any other details or reproduction information may help.



I guess I should have mentioned that I had actually re-assigned the sortcut. But even if I change it back to Alt+Shift+R it doesn’t work. I tried shortcuts for “System-wide/View References” and “Reference Viewer/Show Reference Tree”, because neither works so I was not 100% which is the Reference Viewer (accessible from right click menu in asset browser).

EDIT: If I open some marketplace project, the shortcut works. Sorry that I didn’t try this before I have posted. Will try to investigate further :slight_smile:

This turned out to be pretty strange problem. Previously by luck, random tests and random confusion (which resulted from the below repro steps) it looked like it doesn’t work only in my project, but now it seems project has nothing to do with it and it behaves the same in market projects or my project.

Following “configurations” result in different working/not working status:

  • actor selected in viewport always works
  • shortcut works in both “Content Browser” AND Scene Outliner" ONLY IF they are docked in the editor window (doesn’t matter if as tabs in the same “sub-window” or if they are docked in their own “sub-windows”)
  • as soon as they are undocked from the editor window, shortcut stops working (viewport still works)
  • even if I dock them (or one of them) to some other window, shortcut won’t work

Hey again,

With your notes and new repro steps I was able to get the error you are seeing. I have had another technician enter a bug report for it. Please let us know if you discover a work-around in the meantime or encounter any other unexpected behavior.